Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Release Day! The Flag is Up! I'll Be at the Learned Owl Tonight

One of the many things I love about being an author today is that I don’t have to spend release day alone, wondering if anyone knows the book is out, if they can find it in the stores, and—if they are reading it—how they are liking it.
Writing is a solitary business. Before I ever had a book published, one of the most difficult things to do was to keep at it—to keep getting up at 4 a.m. and falling asleep with my face on the keyboard. To give up so many simple pleasures—gardening, weaving, sewing, reading, genealogy, television—and give over that time to writing.
It’s difficult to make those bargains when you know that nobody is waiting for your book. Nobody will miss it if it’s never published. Nobody is pushing you to finish. You’ve made no promises to anyone except yourself—and those are the hardest promises to keep.  
I’ve been communicating with so many of you all year long, waiting for this day, hoping that when it came, the book would be worth the wait.
And so, thank you for all of the emails, messages, comments and posts.  Thank you for letting me know that you are out there.


Jessica said...

Can't wait for The Gray Wolf Throne. I teach at a small town in Illinois and my students and I are super excited for the release. Last year I read the Warrior Heir as a read aloud and so many students went on to finish the series. I flew through all of them and was so excited to find out about The Demon King series. We check your website and I read the blog. Thanks for giving my students, especially boys, such awesome books! They all really wish The Warrior Heir was a movie: )

CindaChima said...

Hi, Jessica. Thank you for "teaching" my books, and for your kind comments. I raised two sons and wanted to write books that boys (and girls) could enjoy reading.
Tell them I'd like to see The Warrior Heir as a movie, too--if done right!