Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garden Report

I do believe we’re living in the rainforest here. We are currently ~17 inches above normal for the year in rainfall. Over 3.5 inches came down on two different days in the past month. 
A couple of weeks ago, we had a cloudburst AND hail. Here are a couple of photos of our new lake. 
     Hail in the Rose Garden
    Lake on the Patio
On the bright side, it’s a great year to get a garden going. I planted my vegetable garden late, because it was so wet in the spring. Here’s how it looked right after planting. 
 I was worried, because midsummer is usually hot and dry around here, and I was afraid it would wither away. Au contraire. Here’s how it looked today. 

Does anyone have any great recipes for cucumbers and baby eggplant?


Alyzabeth Lewis said...

You're living in the rainforest? We just saw the first rainfall in weeks, after several straight weeks of 100+ degree heat.

If I had a vegetable garden it would be long dead.

ICQB said...

Sorry about the lake on the patio, but what a terrific garden! Enjoy the fruits!