Thursday, May 30, 2019

I'll Be at the Denver Pop Culture Con!

Colorado Convention Center 
May 31—Jun 2, 2019

Hello, Colorado! This weekend, I’ll be totally in context, hanging out at the DPCC with geeks of all kinds. I’ll be doing a number of panels as part of the Author Track. For more info on that, go here

Here Is Where I’ll Be!

Friday, May 31 2019
11:30 AM –
12:20 PM       Writing Fantasy in the #MeToo Era
                        Location: Room 605
Panel description: Panelists will discuss their views on gender stereotypes in fiction and approaches they use to ensure their characters accurately represent realistic traits in individuals regardless of gender.
Panelists: Tricia Levenseller, Jenn Lyons, Colleen Oakes, Laura Sebastian, Sherry Thomas, Cinda Williams Chima
Moderator: C.R. Richards 

1:30 PM –
2:20 PM         Welcome to the Dark Side: Writing Dark Fantasy
Location: Room 605
Panel Description: Is Dark Fantasy really a subgenre of Fantasy or is it watered down Horror? Panelists will discuss their thoughts about writing and reading in this popular genre
Panelists: Terry Brooks. Delilah Dawson, Colleen Oakes, Cinda Williams Chima, Cat Winters
Moderator: C.R. Richards

3:00 PM – 
3:50 PM         Cinda Williams Chima Signing
                        Location: Author Booth 7

Saturday, June 1st
Denver Pop Culture Con- Day 2

11:00 AM –
11:50 AM       Dogs vs. Cat: Which Will Rule the Literary World?
                        Location: DPCCP 4 Keystone City
Panel Description: Why do we enjoy stories of furry critters? Everyone has their preference - especially our guest authors and graphic novelists, who write about our canine and feline friends. Pick a side, ask a question and let these All-Star panelists win you over.
Panelist:Drew Brockington, Troy Cummings, Paul Krueger, Kyle Puttkammer
Cinda Williams Chima

12:00 PM –
12:50 PM       Cinda Williams Chima Signing
                        Location: Author Booth 7
4:30 PM – 
5:20 PM         Re-imagining Myth in YA Fiction
                        Location: Room 601- Authors
Panel Descriptions: Pandora wasn't the only curious cutie in mythology, but can we really blame her for all the evils in the world? With thousands of mythological gods, demons, monsters and heroes in oral and written history, why is it most people only know about big-hitters like Zeus, Poseidon, Athe and Hercules? Discover why myths continue to capture our imagination and explore new ways to tell old tales.
Panelist: Alexa Donne, Amy Ewing, Tricia Levenseller, Wendy Terrien, Cinda Williams Chima, F.C. Yee, Brenna Yovanoff

Sunday, June 2nd
Denver Pop Culture Con- Day 3

12:00 PM –
12:50 PM       Revenge is Best Served…
                        Location: DPCCP 4 Keystone City
Panel Description: Revenge can backfire on a character. It might happen as a plot element, but it also might happen in a reader’s interpretation. How do we create a dynamic in which a reader feels a character’s revenge is justified? Or is that necessary?
Panelist: Terry Brooks, Amy Ewing, Todd Fahnestock, Liv Hadden, Cinda Williams Chima
Moderator: Laurel McHargue

4:00 PM –
4:50 PM         Bringing a Figurative Knife to Literary Gun Fight
                        Location: Room 607- Authors
Panel Description: Authors discuss battle scenes in science fiction and fantasy. Action scenes in SciFi and Fantasy are a staple to the genre. Panelists discuss examples of how and where this is done well, and why a good action sequence can create urgency and add impetus to the story. Crafting realistic fight sequences is a delicate balance, when is it over the top? How much violence is too much? Is there a limit on what’s acceptable?
Panelist: Pierce Brown, Liv Hadden, Jon Messenger, Brian Naslund, Cinda Williams Chima
Moderator: Amalie Howard