Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here's How to Find The Gray Wolf Throne on NOOK

The Gray Wolf Throne is available on Nook, but you won't find it easily on the B&N site, especially if you search under my name. The Nook version is not listed on the search page, as is the case with my other books. If you click on the GWT title, it will take you to the book page, and you'll see the Nook version there.

Or if you search the site with "The Gray Wolf Throne" you will go directly to the book page and see the Nook version here.

If you want to go directly to the Nook version, go here.

And I'm sorry for the trouble. I know what it's like to be book-hungry.


jana said...

what about for kobo (for all of your loyal canadian readers)?? i can't find it :(

CindaChima said...

? Here's what my editor told me (when somebody asked about the Cruz.)
To answer your question, we offer the e-book in multiple file formats to multiple vendors. The GWT e-book was made available to every online account we do business with (Nearly every reader, with the exception of the Kindle, supports ePUB format.)
So Hyperion made it available. Maybe check with Kobo? Good luck!