Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Exiled Queen Awarded Kirkus Star!

Kirkus says, “Duty, love, expedience and revenge fuel the labyrinthine intrigues of this second entry in an epic fantasy series…Riveting.”

Translation News

French Translation: Le Roi Demon

The Seven Realms Quartet
French and Polish Translations
For the Francophones among you, a French translation of The Demon King (Le Roi Démon) is scheduled for release in November by Castelmore, a new YA imprint of Bragelonne. You’ll find more information on that here.

Galeria will release the Seven Realms series in Polish translation.

The Heir Chronicles
Dutch, Indonesian, Turkish, and Polish Translations
Having already bought the Seven Realms series, Luitingh has purchased rights to a Dutch translation of the Heir Chronicles.
Matahati will offer an Indonesian translation, Pegasus will publish in Turkey, and Galeria in Poland.

There’ll be more news to come on The Exiled Queen release and author tour.


Livia said...

Awesome awesome awesome!
I loved The Exiled Queen deeply!
I can't wait for the next one. I'm eager to know the name and to see a cover, but I know, first the horse then the car, right?
I'll anxiously wait until next year... =)

CindaChima said...

Thank you for the kind words abour EQ. Please spread the word!
Re #3, I can tell you the title at least. It's The Sword of Hanalea. Don't have cover art yet, tho. CWC

Matias said...

Cinda I reaally loveed the demon king book!!!!! please im an argentinian fan and I am loooking foward to read the exiled queen, if its posible in the spanish version!!! when it will be available???

Matias said...
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CindaChima said...

Matias, I'm glad you enjoyed The Demon King. I'm not sure when The Exiled Queen will be published in Spanish; possibly in Spring, 2011, since The Demon King came out in spring, 2010.
The English version of The Exiled Queen releases 9.28.10.
Hope you'll keep reading!

Linda Smik said...

Unfortunately, it seems I am destined to wait impatiently for the public release of this book. :(
Any chance I could get my hands on an ARC? I work for the Stark County District Library and you will be visiting us in October. I have loved your writing since the release of the Warrior Heir and it was on my recommendation that you were contracted for a visit. In spite of this, our request for an ARC has been ignored so far. Any chance you could put in a word for me?

Unknown said...

Today is 22/11/2010 any update of the spanish translation of The Exiled Queen?
By the way I loved The Demon King, congratulations.