Friday, July 29, 2011

If You Want a Signed Copy of The Gray Wolf Throne

Since I posted my tour schedule, I’ve received several inquiries about how to obtain signed copies of The Gray Wolf Throne.
If you’re near any of my tour cities, I would love to see you in person! I’m willing to sign Nook covers, Kindles, etc, too. But if you’re unable to attend an event, it is still possible to obtain signed copies. You should be able to arrange to order a personalized signed copy from any of the bookstore venues on the tour as long as you contact them ahead of time. Bookstores often ask authors to sign stock, so there may be non-personalized signed copies available after the visit. Contact the bookstore to see.
The launch event is at my hometown bookstore, The Learned Owl, in Hudson, OH, on August 30, 2011. Visit their website for more information.  Information about the Owl is also posted on my website.
Signed copies of my books can always be ordered from the Owl. If you contact them prior to the release date for GWT, they will be happy to take your order for a signed GWT, or any of my other books. I will sign them at the launch event and they will get them out to you right away.


Livia said...

Dear Cinda,
I just wanted to say how much I LOVED The Gray Wolf Throne! I story is amazing, perfect and extremely addictive! Thank you so much for keeping me awake for hour, when I just couldn't put it down.
The part of Raisa coming back and the wolves around her, wow, it was so overwhelming, it made me cry of proud, as if I was there watching it all.
For sure one of the best books I have ever read in my entire life!
Now, I do have a serious problem... no other series seems to be good enough!!!!!!
Thank you once again. I'll never get tired of recommending your books to everyone around me. I must say they always come back to thank me for recommending such great stories!
I'm counting the days for the final book of the series, even when I didn't want it to end. Curious to know the name and the cover of it.

CindaChima said...

Livia, wow, thanks!! And bless you for spreading the word. I think it's especially important for building an audience for a series.

I have to say that I'm really excited about book #4. SO much happens and hopefully a few surprises along the way.

I'll be announcing the title of book #4 during my tour for GWT. So will be soon. We've talked briefly about covers, but there won't be anything to show for a good long time.