Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Gray Wolf Throne Tour

It’s not all finalized, but I thought I would give you a preview of where I’ll be this fall as I travel the country for the launch of The Gray Wolf Throne, the third book in the Seven Realms series.
 Here’s a map of the tour to date. 
View The Gray Wolf Throne Tour in a larger map
It includes a launch at The Learned Owl, an indie bookstore in Hudson Ohio, a national tour beginning with an event September 19 at  Watermark Books in Wichita, KS, and some special events, including Dragon*Con in Atlanta, where I’ll be a guest author, the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego, where I’ll be a panelist,  Books by the Banks in Cincinnati, and the Buckeye Bookfair in Wooster, OH. Before it’s over, I’ll have visited nine states and hopefully met many of you!

You can find a list of all public events on my website here.
and I’ll be updating my Google map of the tour
as new information comes in.  


Michael Antonio Araujo said...

East Coast gets no love haha =P

CindaChima said...

Michael, my publisher tends to alternate east and west coasts. Last fall I was on the east coast for The Exiled Queen. So I'm more out west this year!
But keep an eye on the website and blogs. I do other events that are not part of the tour.

Vy said...

ahh no way! You'll be in Beaverton! It's also the day after my birthday so now I'm twice as excited!

Hoping to meet you soon :)

Natalie Aguirre said...

Too bad you're not coming back to Michigan, like to Ann Arbor. I'm glad I got to meet you last year.

Candace said...

Last year I had a friend get The Demon King for me at a signing in Georgia and this year I asked her if you'd be there. She said no. I was sad. Then I looked on your website and you'll be here!!!! Woo hoo! I'll plan to see you at Powells in September and I will have every one of your books for you to sign. I read The Demon King last week and fell in love. Definitely my new favorite fantasy series. So I'm working on getting my hands on the rest of your books!

CindaChima said...

Candace, see, it all works out!! Looking forward to seeing you in September.

Orchid said...

Sad, there aren't any tour stops near me and I was really hoping there would be at least one because I absolutely love the Seven Realms books. Maybe next time around. o_O

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