Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We Have a Winner!! er Winners!!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaways and helped get the word out about Stormcaster! I have winners of both contests to announce!

Stormcaster Preorder Giveaway!

The winner of the mother lode of books and swag is Bridget Barlow of Bluffdale, Utah! If you know Bridget, give her a shout-out that her prize package is on the way.

Stormcaster Pirate Hunt!

Many thanks to citizens of the realms who assisted the queendom in hunting down the notorious pirate Evan Strangward, also known as Stormcaster. While the brigand is still at large, his image is plastered all over the internets and we have no doubt that he will soon be in custody. 

We have randomly chosen one citizen to receive a pirate's hoard of stories and swag. Congratulations to Jaxon Mader ! He will be receiving signed hardcovers of the Shattered Realms series to date--assuming that Strangward's stormborn crew doesn't find him first. If you know Jaxon, you might want to warn him--er--congratulate him on his good fortune!

Thanks, everyone for playing! 

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