Monday, March 19, 2018

Citizens of the Realms! Rich Reward!

Offered by the crown for Information
Leading to the Capture of the Pirate 
Stormcaster, aka Evan Strangward

The bloodthirsty pirate has haunted the coast of the Seven Realms for years. Citizens of the realms are encouraged to  help us capture this scourge of the seas by posting this placard in all public places.

Those who help to bring this criminal to justice will be eligible to win a signed hardcover of the book #Stormcaster, purported to be a collection of stories and legends about the pirate and his associates, as well as two previous volumes detailing the history of our wars with the Ardenine empire. Included will be other valuables from the royal treasury.

Proceed with caution, as subject is known to be both a weather and blood mage. All inquiries by April 10, 2018, to Captain Amon Byrne, as follows:
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