Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Revised Website: Take A Walk Around!

In collusion with the Webmaster, I’ve been making changes to my author website, based on reader feedback. I’ve added lots of new content, geared to the kinds of questions I usually get. Hopefully this will make it easier to find answers to questions, whether you are an interested reader, or you’re working on a book report or school project.
I hope you’ll like what you see. Let’s take a look!
Reminder: you may need to refresh your screen in order to see the changes.
·  Books pages: Now that I have two series going, I’ve organized content about them under two buttons: Seven Realms and Heir Chronicles. That should make it easier to find information about the series you’re currently reading. You’ll see information on the fourth book in the Seven Realms series, due to come out in fall, 2012! 
Anthologies/Nonfiction: I’ve added a page specific to Anthologies/Nonfiction to showcase my shorter work. And taken down the links to my nutrition articles. 
   Contact Page: reorganized with links to content that will help you find the information you’re looking for
FAQ: The FAQ pages has been reorganized and the questions grouped and linked so you can actually find the answer, if it’s there. 
   Signings and Appearances: Want to know where I’ll be? Questions about inviting me to your school or library? You’ll find all the information here. 
Help for Writers: Expanded, including a FAQ for Writers page. Many of the questions I get are about the writing process, publishing, etc. Hopefully this will be a resource for my present and future competitors. 
Teachers/Librarians/Students: I also get many questions related to book reports, school projects, academic competitions, and the like. I’ve posted a new section including FAQ for School Projects, discussion guides for the Heir Chronicles, and an extended bio for those for whom the brief bio just isn’t enough!
I hope you like the changes—as always, let me know

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