Friday, April 15, 2011

Texas Librarians Rock--I Cannot Lie!

Had a fabulous and energizing day at the Texas Library Association annual meeting in Austin. First off was the Lone Star Authors Shine panel with fellow Lone Stars James Dashner, Greg Taylor, Jordan Sonnenblick, Melissa Kantor, and Helen Frost. 
 That’s one of the best parts of this job—rubbing shoulders with awesome authors!
At the Disney-Hyperion booth, The Gray Wolf Throne arcs were a hot commodity. I enjoyed meeting hundreds of Texas librarians and re-acquainting myself with many more.

And then on to the Texas Teens for Literacy events. TLA does a fantastic job of getting teens involved in the conference. You could pick them out from their eye-catching yellow tee shirts. Why didn’t they have events like that when I was a teen? 
First, I was on a panel with authors Melissa Kantor and Sophie Jordan.
Then it was on to the Teen Mingle room, where the teens made me feel like a total rock star.
Bravo, Texas! Now on to the Writers’ League of Texas YA A to Z conference.   


Livia said...

OMG The Gray Wolf Throne ARC!!!!
I want one badly!!!!!!
I envy those kids... =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Chima!
How are you? I'm Ellie, do you remember me? Thank you for your message, I promise that I'll practice and improve my writing. ^^ Thanks for the support.
Well, I would like to know if your books, from the other serie, will be published in Brazil. Please, I just can't stand to read them!!! Thanks for writing such amazing books! Hugs from your brazillian fan, Ellie.

CindaChima said...

Ellie, glad to hear you're a fan. My agent is working to sell the other series in Brasil, and I hope it happens! Keep spreading the word.

Best, Cinda Williams Chima

Alyzabeth Lewis said...

I live in Texas... sorry I missed you. It's a bit of a drive to Austin. lol But good to know our libraries have the Chima stamp of approval.

Hollywood said...

I'm with Livia. I envy them too. Love your books

CindaChima said...

Allison, I'll be doing an event in the Houston area in May. Does that help? CWC

Raina said...

i loved the grey wolf throne ms.Chima!!!! it was soooooo good.i was so glad to meet you at tt4l :)
thank you for the great book the you write