Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Exiled Queen Author Tour

Wow!! Can you believe it? The Demon King just released in paperback and The Exiled Queen release is only weeks away. Did you think this day would ever come? (I didn't.)

We are working on plans for my tour for the release of The Exiled Queen, and I've been working on a tour map to post on my website and blogs. The book will launch at The Learned Owl in Hudson, OH on September 28, 2010, and after that I'll be in Minneapolis, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, and Orlando, what with one thing and another. I hope I'm coming somewhere near you!

View The Exiled Queen Book Tour Fall, 2010 in a larger map


Livia said...

What a shame... no Florida...

CindaChima said...

Um. Orlando's in Florida, right? Click on the link and that will allow you to see the entire map on Google maps. I'm going to be at a conference for English teachers in Orlando in November, but who knows--maybe I'll do some public appearances also. I'm also going to be in Miami in January at an SCBWI conf.
ALAN Workshop (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents)
November 21-23, 2010
Orlando, FL

Florida SCBWI Regional Conference
January 14-16, 2011
Miami, FL

Scoot said...

Yay, Texas! Austin is a pretty long drive from DFW though... So close, yet so far! :) Very excited about The Exiled Queen coming out soon!

Sophie said...

Darn, no where near Massachusetts! But I've already pre-ordered my copy of The Exiled Queen!

Amelia said...

*sigh* Once more...no North Carolina. We are terminally author deprived. Gotta do something about that.

Well, to all those who are luckier than I, enjoy! :)


Andrea said...

You need to come further west like Utah Please Please. I cant wait for it to come out though!

CindaChima said...

Hey, Ken5Z: last fall I toured in the west, and I came to SLC! Don't know when I'll get back there unless a school/library brings me in.

Hope you'll keep reading!

Best, CWC

Unknown said...

no georgia.. :( i really hoped you would come.. i love the first book and want to read the second one, ill read it soon... please come to georgia(atlanta)
please please please

CindaChima said...

Arushi, I was in Decatur last spring for the Decatur bookfest; would love to come back, but they are unlikely to send me two years in a row. Right now plans are underway for the Gray Wolf Throne tour, but I don't know if I'll get to Georgia. The tour arc may be more west coast this year. But I have relatives in Ga so hopefully will be back there soon.