Monday, January 18, 2010

Princess Central

So I’m at Walt Disney World, World Headquarters of princesses. There are many princess and princess-like characters on the prowl here. Little girls can sign up to attend special Princess dining events including Perfectly Princess Tea parties ($250 for two,) Princess Storybook dining and Cinderella’s Happily Ever After dinners.
  Everywhere I turn, there are princesses in frilly yellow and pink and purple dresses with lace sleeves and flounces.

 It’s tough to be a princess when the rains begin and you have to put a poncho over your gown.

I found a princess dancing in the rain to the British Invasion Beatles tribute band in the UK pavilion.

And I shared a story with a real fairytale princess here.

  They even had pink and green camouflage princess caps.

Here’s the thing--I saw no princes at all. There are no prince luncheons—not even pirate beach parties or brigand barbecues, though you can dine with Mickey, Donald, and other Disney characters.
No wonder princesses have to hang with the rest of us—there does seem to be a prince shortage!
We take the Three Caballeros boat tour through “Old Mexico” at Epcot. In the seat behind us a young pirate is wailing. “It’s all right honey,” his parents croon. “This isn’t one of those scary rides.”
Next to him sits his princess sister in fancy dress and face paint, singing along to the Caballeros.
“Hey,” I say, twisting around in my seat. “I usually don’t see princesses hanging out with pirates. This isn’t a kidnapping situation, is it?”
The pirate stops sniffling and stares at me.
“It’s more like the princess kidnapped the pirate,” Mom says.

My kind of princess.


MaureenHume said...

That funky princess dancing in the rain really made me smile. Thanks

Nora MacFarlane said...

We spent a week at Disney over this past Christmas. You're right - there's a princess around every corner! I brought my prince with me...

Nina Cook said...

I liked the "that's my kind of princess" comment! That is mine too! A "take care of herself" kind of girl with lots of street smarts and spunk!!

Brian Chima said...

Aunt Cindy,
I can't wait to talk "princesses" with you at our next holiday get together. This kind of subject is my life! Everyday I get to greet little princesses dressed as Bell, Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Sleeping Beauty, and Jasmine. I'll be honest though, I stopped greeting them by their names because I made way to many mistakes. And to be honest I still don't think I could get 'em right. Seems for the boys (ages 10-30) the most popular item right now is the mad hatter hats -

Every now and then I get a hankerin' to watch an old Disney movie. Never get around to it though. I think I'll put some effort into it because I would like to see Peter Pan again.

I find it funny that I went to Disney World once but was way to young to enjoy it, and now that I'm older I'm getting a taste of (and I mean REALLY getting a taste of) Disneyland. That's not to say I'm too OLD to enjoy it, it's just more the fact that I never went during the ages I was "supposed" to go. I don't think I'll take my kids until they're really able to appreciate it. I guess when I went as a very young child my sisters could appreciate it. Whatever the case, I'm still happy I'm youngest... I'm the most spoiled!

Hope you're doing well aunt Cindy!