Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dragon Heir Cover -- Woo-Hoo!

I’m so excited! We finally have a galley cover for Dragon Heir (Hyperion, 9/2008). The illustrator is the genius Larry Rostant, and the book designer is Elizabeth Clark. It may be tweaked a bit more for the final book jacket, but IMHO it’s gorgeous!! What do you think?


LisaKimya said...

the cover is awsome!
and i love ur books!
the warrior heir kept me hooked till the end, and now i almost done with the wizard heir.
Can't wait till the dragon hheir comes out!!!!!!!!!!

Camille said...

I love the continuity of the cover art! This is beautiful!

Jay Montville said...

I love it, Cinda! Your adventures with covers have led me to start thinking about what from my draft could be used as a simple and cool cover. (I know, I know, it's out of my hands, but still I'm like "hmm ... Gabriel's tattoo?" And then I think "maybe I should finish this draft first. :) )


Unknown said...

What an awesome cover! I'll tell you, your books saved me from a lot of boredom during my freshman year, and I can't wait until the last one comes out! The preview chapter is entirely mean, though - why must you taunt us? ;D

Mrs. Duncan said...

Ms. Chima,

I am a middle school teacher in the Vista Unified School District. I LOVED your books, and have shared them with many of my students. ;-) The feeling is mutual; you're awesome!

We are involved in a recommended read program , partnering with Barnes and Noble. My kids read and review books, and Barnes and Noble display the recommendations in the store. Lately, we have added ARC books to our program, which we read and time our reviews for the release date of the book. We review Young Adult and Young Reader books, and our reviews are up all year long.

Would you consider my students to read an ARC of Dragon Heir ? We would be honored [and excited] to promote your book.

Let me know... I can answer any and all questions for you.

Beth Duncan

Fooch said...

Ms. Chima! I love you! You've basically saved me from a life of dreadful, bookless years. I'm 16 years old, and before I picked up your book, I haven't read a book for at minimum, three years. I just found no pleasure in it... but then one day... while walking through the school library for a project.. I see this book... with this incredible cover, called The Wizard Heir. And since then all I want to do is read...

And by the looks of The Dragon Heir's cover, I can't wait to read it! the art is awsome, I love it!

keeeeep on writing =] more more haha