Friday, June 24, 2016

Shadowcaster Cover Reveal

My agent says that this is his favorite cover yet. It's got some awesome competition, but it's definitely a contender. Sasha Vinogravida, the illustrator, and Erin Fitzsimmons, the designer, have outdone themselves.

As in Flamecaster, the central motif is a magemark, which is a kind of an amulet embedded in the skin of a handful of the gifted. It's still a mystery to those who carry them. All they know is that the Empress in the East is hunting them, and they'd better not get caught!

The landscape in the background is Chalk Cliffs, the queendom of the Fells's only deepwater port, where much of the action in Book 2 takes place.

I hope you like the cover as much as I do!


Tressa @ Wishful Endings said...

Very, very awesome! I love this storybook world and am looking forward to more!

Tressa @ Wishful Endings

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cover! Love that the first cover had fire and now this one has ice. Now we just need water and earth :-)

Raquel said...

Really loved it!! I love the effects of smoke and glittering around the amulet, Just perfect!! Looking foward to read it!! Nice job!!!

Zachary Flye said...

I love the coldness this cover conveys. So excited to read it! Since this book has what appears to be a main POV from Lyss and the previous one had Ash, are you going to alternate between the stories leaving a duology of duologies so to speak?