Friday, April 8, 2016

Flamecaster UK Debut is 5 May 2016! Enter the UK-ONLY Preorder Giveaway!

 UK, have I ever told you what an Anglophile/Caledoniphile/Cambrophile/Hibernophile I am? I am English, I am a Scot, I am Irish, I am Welsh--the majority of my ancestors came from those places in the scepter'd isles very early on -- most likely in chains. My ancestors were the kind of people that realms wanted to get rid of, apparently.
Yet I can't help but feel that my roots, and my history, is there. I took an English literature through England when I was in college, and it absolutely changed my life. I am still mining those experiences today.
So, in honor of that connection, and in collaboration with Harper360, publisher of the international edition of Flamecaster, I am announcing a UK-ONLY PREORDER GIVEAWAY!

Anyone who preorders #Flamecaster from a UK bookseller (brick and mortar, on line, wherever  books are sold in the UK) is eligible to enter to win a signed PAPERBACK set of the UK edition of the Seven Realms series, plus a limited edition pen, temporary tattoo, Epic Reads bookmark and Epic Reads poster. Since the Shattered Realms series is a stand-alone spinoff of the Seven Realms series, it will give you the chance to build a complete collection.

Giveaway open to residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland
Must be ordered from a UK retailer.
Entries must be received by 4 May 2016
Books will be signed using bookplates
Need a link to a UK retailer? Here's Amazon UK to start with

Here's how to enter:

1. PLEASE follow these directions. I'm not very good at following directions, either, but I need your help in order to get you properly entered because I don't have minions. 
2. Send an email to cwchimapromo at gmail dot com. In the subject line, put UK PREORDER GIVEAWAY ENTRY
3. In the body of your email, include your name and snail mail address and how/if you would like your books to be personalized.
4. If you would like to receive a signed bookplate, bookmark, etc include your snail mail address. 
5. Make sure I have the best email to contact you
6. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Attach an image of proof of purchase for your preordered book, whether it's an online receipt, a receipt from a store, an email confirmation of an order, a notarized statement from your local bookseller--whatever way you can show me you've placed a preorder
7. Questions? Email me at that same address with the header PREORDER GIVEAWAY QUESTION

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