Friday, March 4, 2016

One Month Until Flamecaster!! Get in on the Preorder Swag and Grand Prize Giveaway

When you preorder a's like a gift you give your future self, right? Well, here in the Realms, we're all about gifting. Now that Flamecaster is just a month away, it's time to roll out the gifts and prizes.

So here ya go:

Everyone (US and Canada) who pre-orders FLAMECASTER from ANY retailer–local, chain, online, hardcopy, digital–is eligible to win your choice of two epic prize packs:

  • A signed first edition hardcover set of the Seven Realms quartet (now out of print.) 

  • A signed first edition set of the Seven Realms quartet (UK edition.) You choose either 3 hardbacks and a paperback of Crimson Crown (the UK edition wasn't published in hardcover) or four paperbacks if you like books that match. 

  • Grand prize winners will also receive other swag, including a signed bookplate for your shiny bright copy of Flamecaster, signed bookmarks, a limited edition Flamecaster keychain/purse charm, and temporary tattoos.
  • The first 150  entries will receive a signed bookplate and other swag--just for entering--if you include your mailing address with your entry. 
  • This offer good only in the US and Canada. I'll be working with my publisher in the UK on a giveaway for those of you across the pond. 

Here's how to enter:

1. PLEASE follow these directions. I'm not very good at following directions, either, but I need your help in order to get you properly entered because I don't have minions. 
2. Send an email to cwchimapromo at gmail dot com. In the subject line, put PREORDER GIVEAWAY ENTRY
3. In the body of your email, include your name and snail mail address; which prize pack you prefer,  and how/if you would like your books to be personalized.
4. If you would like to receive a signed bookplate, bookmark, etc include your snail mail address. 
5. Make sure I have the best email to contact you
6. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Attach an image of proof of purchase for your preordered book, whether it's an online receipt, a receipt from a store, an email confirmation of an order, a notarized statement from your local bookseller--whatever way you can show me you've placed a preorder
7. Questions? Email me at that same address with the header PREORDER GIVEAWAY QUESTION

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