Saturday, April 13, 2013

By Request: The "New Line" of Gray Wolf Queens









 Marianna ana’Lissa ana’Theraise ana’Adra ana’Doria ana’Julianna ana’Lara ana’Lucinda ana’Michaela ana’Helena ana’Rissa ana’Rosa ana’Althea ana’Isabella ana Clara ana Alexandra ana Katrina ana Rhona ana Livia ana Brianna ana Marta ana Cassia ana Elena ana Jenna ana Marciana ana Gina ana Paulina ana Sabina ana Savana ana’Alyssa ana’Hanalea ana’Maria   

There were 32 altogether in the New Line of Queens after the Breaking (Raisa is the 33rd, and the first mixed-blood queen.)  Alister and Alyssa were the twin offspring of Alger Waterlow and Hanalea. 

Old Line Queens

Thea was a queen during the Captivity. Queen Regina was the last free queen of the old line. When cornered by the wizard invaders, she tried to kill herself and her two daughters by leaping off the Escarpment into the Fens


Natalie Aguirre said...

Thanks for sharing this. But I thought you were announcing that the story would continue. Please, please announce that one of these days.

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