Monday, January 28, 2013

Foreign Publication Update: The Crimson Crown Since You've Asked

Original-language E-book Overseas
It’s taken quite a while to ferret this out. It may have had to do with the fact that the Seven Realms series was originally supposed to be a trilogy. My American publisher, Hyperion, didn’t have contracts in place for overseas distribution of the Crimson Crown e-book by the U.S. release date. They are working furiously to get those in place, and do the formatting and so on. It appears that the first e-book to be available overseas will be in the Apple format but I don’t have a date for that.
Translation Rights
Bear in mind that for foreign rights, the author is usually the last to know anything—especially if there is a language barrier (I am sadly monolingual.) In general, if you’re wondering about a release date, the best way to find out is to 1) search online for local information 2) ask your bookseller 3) visit the publisher’s website, and if there is no information there, contact them and ask.
            That said, here’s the current info that I have:
The UK
My UK publisher is Harper Voyager (Harper-Collins UK.)  They have purchased the rights, but there is no information on their site regarding a release date. regarding a date. You may want to drop them an email or contact your local bookseller and let them know you are waiting. I’d love for you to buy the UK edition because I want to support my UK publisher.
To be published simultaneously by Bragelonne (adult) and Castelmore (YA) imprints. They have bought the rights to The Crimson Crown, but no information on their site about a release date. 
            Good news!! Bragelonne/Castelmore have bought the French  translation rights for The Heir Chronicles!!
The Netherlands
Zwarte Kunst 4 Scharlakenrode Kroon was released in December, 2012 by Luitingh Fantasy
Galeria will release Polish translation 3.20.13 
No information on pub date from Verlagsgruppe (Random House Germany.)
Good news!!  Verlagsgruppe Blanvalet has bought German translation rights for The Heir Chronicles
Ediciones B has not yet purchased the translation rights for The Crimson Crown. Because the series was initially planned to be a trilogy, they bought the rights to the first three books but have not made a bid to buy the fourth.
The best way to encourage a publisher to release my books or any book in translation is to spread the word to friends and fellow readers about the books you like.