Friday, November 27, 2009

A Winter in Fiji

OK, so I went to Fiji, and it was frickin’ freezing It wouldn’t be so bad except that my expectations were so very different. We planned to launch our journey to Australia and New Zealand with two days baking in the Fijian sun, recovering from jet lag. Instead, we departed the airport in a fine rain that continued all day, off and on. Gamely, I plastered on sunscreen and headed out to the beach in my shorts and tee shirt. Gale force winds blew in from the sea, sending surf crashing up over the reef a short distance out. Gray clouds boiled over the horizon as resort staffers nailed up storm shutters. Before long, I had layered on a hoodie and eventually gave up and put on long pants again. It was more Lake Superior than the South Pacific.
Apparently the sun shines here sometimes. I have travel brochures to prove it.
Mind, this is nothing new for me. I’m used to traveling places and having people say, “Sheesh! This is unusual. I’ve never seen it snow this time of year!” Or, “Thank God the drought has broken.” I once went tent camping in the Painted Desert—a places that gets only 7 inches of rain a year. Two inches came down the night we camped—causing a massive hatching of Mormon crickets. As they scratched against the tent, trying to get in, I was sure we were being invaded by an army of half-drowned scorpions.
Looking for unusual weather? Tired of the same old same old? Invite me to come visit.


meleah said...

Sounds amazing despite the cold. It's weird how we get this idea in our head that places like Fiji are always sunny and warm. Those deceiving travel brochures!

Goldiebug said...

What a shame! But this had me laughing: I have a friend who's a weather-attractor. Every time we go to the theater or other event together, it rains a monsoon or blows up a blizzard! I kid you not! (One time we had to walk 6 blocks in NYC in the pouring rain, no taxis to be found. Ack.) Perhaps if I got her to travel with you then you'd cancel each other out and end up with marvelous weather on the trip. ;-)