Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shadowslayer Symphony Wins Salvner Music Award

This is just so cool, I have to share it.

The Warrior Heir was one of the featured books at the 2009 Youngstown State University English Festival. Ursuline High School students John Vitullo and Dan Catello wrote the Shadowslayer Symphony, a composition based on The Warrior Heir. It depicts the events in the graveyard after Jack digs up the sword, Shadowslayer. The symphony won the festival's annual Jeremy Salvner Memorial Music Award. This award is given to junior and senior high school students participating in the English Festival who create the best original music compositions inspired by one or more of the books on the festival's reading list.
Click here to hear their stellar work.

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kathrynjankowski said...

What a wonderful tribute to your book, Cinda!

I love the whole setup of the festival, especially letting students express their understanding of the story through music. Impressive stuff.