Sunday, May 17, 2009

German Cover for Das Erbe des Damonenkonigs -- Das Amulett

The German edition of The Demon King pubs in October as well. I've been working with the German translator, Susanne, via email. Usually her questions have to do with the words I made up. Her first queries related to herbs used by clan healers and streetgang members:
  • Deathmaster mushroom
  • Sulfur lily
  • Razorleaf
  • Maidenweed
  • Maiden's kiss
Some of them had to do with thieves' cant -- the slang that thieves use. I found an online Thieves' Cant dictionary that I used to provide a vocabulary for Han and members of the Ragger and Southie street gangs. Words like
  • Flimper: someone skilled with a garrotte
  • Darbies: wrist chains or cuffs
  • Hempen Widow: someone whose spouse was hung for a crime
Anyway, here is the German cover.

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